Saving Columbus Day

For much of its history, the United States considered Columbus a man worthy of admiration. Columbus Day is one of America’s oldest patriotic holidays, first celebrated in the 18th century. It was first celebrated on October 12, 1792, when the New York Society of Tammany honored Columbus on the 300th anniversary of his first voyage. America has more monuments to Columbus than any other nation in the world.

  Columbus celebrates the beginning of cultural exchange between America and Europe. After Columbus, millions of European immigrants brought their art, music, science, medicine, philosophy and religious principles to America. These contributions have helped shape the United States and include Greek democracy, Roman law, Judeo-Christian ethics and the belief that all men are created equal.

Italian American Heritage Month

Italian American Heritage Month is celebrated every year to honor and recognize the centuries of achievements, successes, and valuable contributions of Italian immigrants and Italian Americans. It occurs in October to overlap with the federal holiday of Columbus Day, which is

celebrated on the second Monday of each October.  Italian American Heritage Month was first celebrated in 1989 by a special proclamation of both Congress and President George H. W. Bush.

  Over 5 million Italians immigrated to the United States between 1820 and 2000. Currently, there are over 26 million Americans of Italian descent residing in the United States. This makes Italian-Americans the fifth largest ethnic group in our nation. Each year Italians around the country take time to celebrate their heritage, history, and culture with festivals and parades. The largest parade occurs on Columbus Day in New York City and has over 35,000 marchers! Click here to see our list of festivals and find one near you!

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Helping Families in Need

Ryan Jastrezembski was recently burned over 90% of his body in a recent accident.

  The Mario Lanza Lodge # 2308 and Square Circle Sportsman of Gibbsboro, NJ generously donated over 5,000 to the Jastresembski family between the two clubs!

You can donate directly to the familie's GoFundMe page here.